“It’s Just Juice”

That’s exactly right. It IS just juice. And that’s the problem. Pure sugar in a box. Void of any nutritional value, or vitamins, or anything. Unless you made the juice yourself and are drinking it within minutes of it being made, in which case you are getting some vitmins from it. Although still high in sugar, homemade juices are not to be frowned on in the same way as store bought juices are. Homemade juices are not void of nutritional value. I will save my thoughts about home juicing for a later post.

What is it with this country that people give juice in a box to their kids as if it were water?? Have you ever picked up a juice box and read the ingredients? It’s all sugar. And even if it says it is made from real fruits, no artificial flavors, no additives and all that fancy stuff, it still remains just juice, just sugar. What benefit is your kid getting from that? Other than a craving for more sugar and very likely creating a sugar addiction, as well as maybe obesity, or diabetes amongst others, your kid doesn’t get anything from it, except for the momentary enjoyment of drinking it. This whole juice thing drives me crazy, mainly because my daughter loves juice and it breaks my heart to be constantly disappointing her by saying “No, you can’t have juice.” Even though I know I am doing the right thing. The reason she knows she loves juice is because it is EVERYWHERE, at every birthday party, every social event, even at a simple play date with a friend. Why do parents think it’s normal to be pushing sugar like this all the time? It is so hard to keep my child away from such junk living in the US. And because I do not want a child who will rebel with food at home or become a closet eater, and also because I think that indulging a little sometimes is not bad, I let her have the occasional juice box when we are at social events. Some might argue that it has just as much sugar as [insert fruit of choice]. First of all, it takes about 6 oranges to give you 450ml of juice. So no, drinking juice is not like eating the actual fruit. While fruits are high in sugar they are also high in fiber. And you know what fiber does? Fiber slows the absorption of sugars slowing the rate of blood sugar rise. If there is not enough fiber when consuming sugar, the blood sugar is then converted to the fat triglyceride in the liver. Once converted these triglycerides are put into the circulation to be delivered to fat tissue for storage. In a country where obesity is a huge problem, we as parents, should try as hard as possible to limit the opportunities for our children to pack on unnecessary pounds, saving the calories for wholesome, nutritious meals. If your child whines for juice, give them a tall glass of water and an actual piece of fruit. Where our calories come from have an even higher impact on our bodies, then the amount we consume.

How often do you allow your kids to drink juice? Is it a staple in your home?


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