Homemade Playdough

My friend is getting married this weekend. And she is doing the most awesome thing a childless woman can do for her child-full friends: she is hiring babysitters to be at the wedding so us parents, can enjoy adult conversations without being interrupted with “I have to go potty”, “i want a snack”, “I’m bored”, or many of the other reasons why we would get interrupted. I love having my kids with me, and we usually choose to bring them with us everywhere we go. And if my friend didn’t have sitters at the wedding, I would be totally happy with having them with me the whole time. That said, it will be really  nice to get breaks throughout the day where both my husband and I can enjoy a conversation together. To make sure our kids will have plenty to do, I have offered to make play dough. I am not a fan of the commercial toxic stuff (especially that I have an 11 month old putting everything in his mouth) so as for most things, making it myself is a guaranteed way to know what is going in the dough (and eventually in my sons mouth). I wish I could say I created this myself, but I am just as happy to have found an amazing recipe that I am sure you will love too. Homemade Playdough

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