Grumpy leads to Banana Pudding

I woke up grumpy this morning. Scratch that. I got woken up by a grumpy kid who in turn woke up the other two kids. No one got to fall back asleep and now I feel grumpy. This is when my patience runs thin and I feel unmotivated to do awesome things. I am experienced now with my own emotions and the outcome of some of my decisions that I know that the quality of the rest of my day lies in my hands and the choices I make.

First choice was coffee or freshly made vegetable juice. Coffee is so quick but the juice will leave me feeling so much better. I went with juice. While all I wanted to do was sleep, my son came in running asking me to go dance with him. Anyone who has met my 2 year old boy knows how hard it can be to say no to him. So we had a little dance party. I hoped that that would help the funk go away. It worked some, but not fully. So I stretched and while my body feels more awake and ready to take on the day, my mood hasn’t improved much. So there it is, I am coming to terms with the fact that today might just be a grumpy day. Allowing that to sink in, I have a new set of choices: will I keep on trying to run away from my feelings of grumpiness  and what will I choose to fuel my body today?

No, I will not run away. Allowing myself to be in this space will actually make my day more manageable than trying to constantly change that. It’s okay to feel grumpy. Fighting it will only make it worse. As for body fuel, in a grumpy day I rarely make the best food choices, I usually want a quick fix and grab whats easiest as well as tastiest. So I am starting my day with one of my favorite comfort breakfasts: chia banana pudding. I know that I will often want to reach for something to eat as I am tired and I will be relying on food to help me going, so I made a big batch of this and I keep it in the fridge, ready to pull out and take a few spoonfuls when the urge to put something in my mouth comes. I have a few other things on hand that I love, like dates and nuts, and sugar snap peas. I know I will eat more than usual today, but as long as what I eat is clean calories, when tomorrow comes and my mode has improved, my body will follow happily. 

Grumpy days are the ideal time for bad habits to make their way in, it’s up to me to make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s on grumpy days that I have to be even more aware of the food choices I make. Eating well on this kind of day will help me not go crazy and not feel completely sluggish. So by keeping foods on hand that I really enjoy eating and are satisfying as well as nutritious I ensure to stay on track with living a Good Life while giving in to my moods. I can’t always change my mood, but I can always change what goes into my body, which in turn, often results in my feeling better. What do you do to help you get through a grumpy day?


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