Lice Prevention

This is not a very exciting post, but I find it to be a useful one. Because lice SUCK. I got lice a lot as a kid. I have vivid memories of my parents fine combing my hair trying to get all the nasty little bugs. I had hair down to my waist, like my daughter does, and they had to chop it short, in a bob, because I had so much lice and couldn’t take all the combing. This was when I was 7 years old. Then as a teenager, I got lice a lot too. By then I had a say in my hair and i wouldn’t let them cut it, so I had to walk around the village with my hair wrapped in some home made vinegar essential oil mixture, smelling quite awful. I remember still using the toxic shampoo, but in conjunction of the home made wrap around my head. It was slightly embarrassing to say the least. All this to say, I have been somewhat negatively affected by the existence of these horrendous leeches.

As a parent, I cannot imagine how frustrating it was to have to deal with so much lice. I don’t want to go through that. And I don’t want my kids to go through that either. And as usual, I am better at preventing things than I am at “fixing” them. So in the hopes of never having to deal with lice, I have taken preventative measures in my own hands.

There was a lice outbreak at my daughters school early december. So I made this little natural home remedy to prevent her from getting lice. Every morning before school. I would spray her hair with this, brush it and tie it in a tight braid. From what I hear, lice do not like the smell of rosemary and tea tree. Nor can they really make themselves comfortable in tightly bound hair. Washing hair less frequently also helps.

Holiday break has come and gone and I think we might have escaped the lice out break this time around.



  • In a small spray bottle, put 5-10 drops each of rosemary and tea tree oil (or as much as you can handle), top it off with a little water, shake well.
  • Spray on your childs’ head every morning before brushing.

Have your kids ever gotten lice? What did you do?


5 thoughts on “Lice Prevention

  1. I will use this as Ella is about to start school ! I didn t know about rosemary, I knew that lice don t like lavender. And I have seen similar recipes with lavender oil.
    A year ago, a little girl who comes to my family day care had lice, I told the parents who couldn t see the eggs (it was everywhere)…anyway, she gave it to her brother…who gave it to Ella who gave it to me (pregnant at the time). It was the first time ever for me ! Not fun. No products worked on the little girl so they got a lady to come and take out all the eggs with a comb, it took 2 1/2 hours and then she was lice free. They shaved her brother s hair 🙂 (he looked so cute !) and I used a natural/safe products for Ella and I. It worked. But I would definitely rather prevent it from now on !! Thanks. You can buy shampoo with tea tree oil in it. I bought that for my husband to prevent the risk of him getting lice at the time.

    • They are such pests!! That must’ve sucked pregnant!! I use vinegar regularly on our hair(not for lice) but i think thats an added bonus for prevention!! I think in genersl lice dont like strong oil smells so im sure lavender works.

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