Kids are Health!

It has been said many times before that involving your kids in food prep is the way to get them to appreciate health. I want to say it again: involving your kids in food prep a great way to get them to appreciate health 🙂 

My oldest is 6 now and she loves to be in the kitchen and do everything I do. While there are days where I chase her out because I am just trying to get through a meal and put food on the table, other days I take that opportunity to teach her about my beliefs around food and why I think some foods are better than others, as well as get her to taste all kinds of different flavors. She loves it and I get to instill in her health beliefs that I find truly essential to living a Good Life. 

School started this week and last year my daughter had a yucky goopy runny nose for weeks because of all the germs going around school. I want to do my best to avoid that and I know that boosting her immune system right off the bat will help. So everyday this week we have started off our day with a freshly made juice. I don’t have a specific recipe, but the ingredients that have been going in consistently are lemons (with rind), fresh ginger, parsley and celery. I will write a post soon about the properties of these foods. I add other things such as carrots or beets so sweeten it up a bit. When apple season comes around, I will be adding some of those to the mix as well. There are days where both kids drink the juice happily, and days where I have to fight a bit, but asking them to help me make the juice has proven to be the best way for them to get excited to drink it. It does add about 10-15 minutes to our morning routine, but it is so worth it. 


Do you have any tricks you use to get your kids to eat healthy? And do you have any natural recipes to boost the immune system?