Pause. Breath. Appreciate.

The other day I was scrambling to get out of the house with the three kids, as I often do. As I was starting to get impatient at the kids usual being-in-the-present-no-need-to-rush attitude, not realizing that I had an agenda, and I wanted to get out of the house at a certain time, my daughter spots our Wisdom Deck and asks if we can open it.


Being in my moment of rush I almost missed out on this amazing opportunity. Almost. As I saw myself grab for the deck to put it out of reach so we could just leave already, I realized here was an opportunity for me to change the energy for the rest of the day. I sat down next to her and I said yes. Her and her brother both drew a card and we read the meaning behind it. It was so easy, so simple. All I had to do was say yes, and all my angst at getting out the door left my body. I sat in the present moment with my kids, appreciating them, appreciating their natural ability to just BE, and appreciating the fact that they will always bring me back to my center if I let them. 

It took all but three minutes to pull cards and read them. But in those three minutes, the level of connection that was created, the ease that it brought upon us, and the switch of energy that it generated, was so much greater in comparison to all the tugging and shouting that would have probably ensued had I not allowed this to happen. It actually probably would’ve taken me a lot longer to get out the door would I have not chosen to pause, breath, and appreciate that moment with them. 

Life with three kids is a whirlwind. Sometimes I get nothing done and at others I feel like a super hero. Sometimes I yell, sometimes I ignore, at others I laugh and I slow down. No matter what I do though, these three little beings are always there, shinning their bright light around me and if I just let myself soak it up, it really doesn’t matter what I do in one day. What matters is that I open myself up to such experiences, because it is in these kinds of moments that I truly love being a mother. And the more I am willing to receive, the easier it is for me to handle all the ups and downs of motherhood. Being a parent will never be easy all the time, but having these kinds of moments make the tough times seem so trivial.