The Gift of Inspiration

Inspiration is truly a gift. Being inspired allows me to try out new things, expand my mind and get out of my comfort zone. Being inspired is how I keep the momentum going, how I keep coming up with ideas to improve my cooking, my fitness, my relationships, my life. I get inspired from all kinds of places: videos, Facebook, restaurants, magazines, blogs, conversations. I wouldn’t come up with half the stuff I do if it weren’t for all of those things. I am so grateful to live in a world where inspiration is so prevalent, where people so eagerly share ideas. Inspiration is truly a gift. Knowing how much I get from being inspired by others, I feel so honored to have gotten the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Knowing that others feel inspired thanks to what I put out in the world, is also a gift. Thank you so much to Karen at Sweetbabyveg for, not only following my site and my offerings but for nominating me for this award! Karen’s blog is so inspiring. She shares innovative (and delicious looking!) recipes and beautiful photographs of her vintage style and finds, and the gorgeous produce she grows. Each photograph tells a story. I am inspired by how she so beautifully captures her creations. Karen makes me want to garden 🙂 And then cook with what I garden, and then take awesome pictures 🙂


This is such a lovely award. This award allows us to show our love and support to other bloggers we follow and admire, while promoting their offerings to the blogging world and introduce new readers to their site. It also allows us to share our inspirations, because without inspiration, blogging would quickly become dull, no? And I think inspiration should be acknowledged. It keeps the flow going.

So here are the rules of this award:

1. As the recipient you should thank the person who nominated you by linking to his/her blog and displaying the award logo;

2. Nominate up to 15 other blogs. Link to their blogs and inform them about the nomination;

3. Share three things that inspired you the most this week.

Because I rarely play by the rules, I will jump to #3 now and will nominate my inspiring blogs at the end 🙂 Here a some things that have inspired me this week:

1. Dried things. 


Pictured here are dried dates, Deglet Noor variety. I don’t usually buy Deglet Noor as they are much drier than my go-to favorite the Medjool date. But for some reason I picked some up at the farmers market. Feeling like branching out of my juicy, rich and taffy-like date habit. I am planning on making a savory dish with these. Not sure what yet. If it turns out amazing, you can be sure you’ll get to read about it here 🙂

Also pictured here are dried chanterelles mushrooms. Brought to me all the way from the French Pyrenees. Freshly picked in the mountains, then dried at my parents house before flying over the ocean to land in my kitchen. What a special treat these are!! I look forward to coming up with something delectable to use these in.

2. My pedometer, the Fitbit. photo-187

It is such a tiny little gadget that makes such a big difference. I started wearing this pedometer when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby because I wanted to make sure that even if I didn’t exercise much, I was at least walking a significant amount. And it worked. So well actually that I have kept wearing it and love it. This thing inspires me to keep moving. It inspires me to walk to places I would normally drive to. Seeing the numbers on it motivate me to want to walk more as I love seeing the numbers go up, feeling accomplished at the end of the day if I hit my target. If I hit my target steps in a day, and didn’t do a workout, I still feel accomplished. I have also successfully stopped beating myself up if I don’t hit my target, knowing that there is always a tomorrow to walk more, making this tool an all around win for me. I didn’t think I was someone who needed to see numbers like that to keep me motivated to move, but it turns out I am. And I definitely don’t mind it. I end up getting inspired to walk all around the neighborhood just so I can get my steps in. And I discover new places, walk up higher sets of stairs with my boys and get my body moving. Seeing my progress as I go is inspiring to me.

3. My beautiful family.


They inspire me every day, every week, every month. It is thanks to them that I live the life I live today. Most of my recipe creations happen because of them. Each of them bring different ideas forth that allow me to create something new in all aspects of my life. They inspire me to be authentic, loving, vulnerable, bad ass. They make me want to laugh and cry. They inspire me to allow myself to feel every emotion to the fullest. This blog wouldn’t happen without them.

As for my own personal nominations, here you go (in no particular order of preference):

Cooking with Toddlers. I love seeing posts in my reader from this person. The beautiful simplicity of her photographs and recipes are inspiring. And the whole feel of her blog is heart warming and sweet. Not to mention that she is cooking with a toddler 😉

Type one Type Happy. A girl with diabetes who knows how to live life to the fullest while maintaining a positive attitude through learning how to live with her condition. She has uplifting messages and great advice for diabetics (and non diabetics!).

Blissful Brit. This girl is fun to follow. She has a variety of blog entries, always entertaining and uplifting. She keeps it real and shares herself candidly. If you are in search for a fun, energetic, healthy, coffee lover who shares about her life, love of good food with a sprinkle of fitness and a bucketful of coffee, Britt might be your girl.

Earthly Radiance. This is my very good friend Sam’s blog. And she is all about sharing her finds in the natural beauty department. Weather you are looking to improve your skin with natural face cream, or make your own lip gloss and dry shampoo, check her out for tips on using mother earth as your greatest resource. Plus Sam has a heart of gold and a beautiful daughter, and both of those radiate on her blog.

Food For your Mood. This woman’s blog is so beautiful and inspiring. She has countless recipes, all looking and sounding delicious. She does a great job at keeping up with seasonal posts and giving us various recipes for each celebration. I highly recommend you check her out for some tasty inspiration.

Simply Sweetly Veggie. Here is a blog after my own heart. The woman at this blog has very similar beliefs to mine when it comes to what should go into your body. I love reading recipes where every single ingredient is something I don’t feel the need to alter to make it to my liking. She has a sweet tooth like me and seems to be equally in love with chocolate as I am. Yet never compromises her health to satisfy her cravings. Love it.

These are the ones that stand to me right now, today. I am constantly inspired by everything that I read here on WordPress, and if I follow you, it means I truly appreciate what you have to offer. Thank you to all of the bloggers out there for being a part of this world wide web 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Gift of Inspiration

  1. You have completely made my day with your kind words about my blog!!! Thank you so very much for this!! I really think it’s time I invest in a fitbit. I just downloaded myfitnesspal because I had NO IDEA how many calories I was taking in. I have always been anti “counting calories” but I’m looking at this a different way and it’s helping me not snack as much as I do. I was amazed to see that I eat well over 2000 calories everyday! It’s been really fun to feel science-y about my nutrients. HA.

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