Nut-ella YUM!!

This simple recipe definitely gives the satisfaction of eating nutella without all the guilt! You can decide how much and what kind of sweetener you use and it is free of all those awful oils and added toxic ingredients that you find in most of the store bought ones.

Yes, there are now some much better versions out there, but the price?? Plus, to me, it’s always so satisfying being able to whip up something this delectable in my own kitchen, and sharing it with my kids.

My oldest helped with this and it gave us an opportunity to talk about why I don’t buy the popular brand and why I choose the quality ingredients that I do.

If you are a nutella lover, I believe you will enjoy this healthy take on it.






  • 1 cup hazelnuts
  • 1 TBS coconut or macademia nut oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 125 ml (about 1/2 cup) coconut milk (I use the fatty one from a can)
  • 1/4 cup cacao powder
  • 80 ml (about 1/3 cup) of sweetener. I used a mix of honey and maple syrup. Honey is much sweetener than maple syrup, I f I were to use it exclusively I would use less. To keep it sugar free you could use stevia or rice malt syrup.
  • dash of salt


  • Preheat oven to 350*F. Bake the nust for 8-10 minutes. This helps the oils come out and create a smoother texture.
  • once baked let cool a few minutes and peel the skins off as they can be bitter. This doesn’t need to be exact. We actually put ours in a jar and shook it a bunch and that was enough! We still had quite a bit of skins left but it came out great.
  • put nuts in the food processor and blend a few minutes until a nice creamy butter is formed
  • add all other ingredients and continue blending until well combined.
  • taste and adjust according to taste buds
  • Share and enjoy!






A Journey of Embodiment

Reflections post Performance

            Light and Shadow: Reclaiming Duality as Divine

As I sit here and contemplate everything that unfolded for me on a personal level over the course of the several months of preparing for this performance, I cannot help but wish I had kept a more ongoing journal about the process. There were a lot of layers. Some got peeled all the way back, others I got a peek of whats possible once I remove them, and others still are creating a comfortable cocoon around my humaneness.

Light and Shadow. Yin and Yang. Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Harshness and Softness. Playfulness and Seriousness. Cold and Hot. Patriarchy and Matriarchy. Polarities. Dualities. One can only truly exist within the presence of the other. With no reference point everything just IS. But we have reference points. We have experiences that carve for us judgements of what we prefer and dislike, of what feels good and what doesn’t, of how we wish to connect and how we wish to hide. While the desire for everything to just BE and the honest search for full acceptance of circumstances, the reality is, most of us alive today have an ego that supports, damages and sometimes dismantles our decision making and how we choose to show up in the world.

As part of the human experience, we have a choice. A choice in how we are going to interact with others, a choice with how authentic we want to be in our expression. A choice to be with ourselves and face all of us, and a choice not to. While I believe the choice “not to” is not always conscious, I also believe that the choice to stay open isn’t fully a choice, as once we are exposed to our potential, we cannot unlearn that, and once we see the potential of embodying this terrestrial life we would be mad at choosing to not pursue our highest expression of it. And it’s actually when we are in those moments of seeing ourselves not living up to our highest expression that we feel mad, confused, sad and judgmental. We are out of alignment with our soul’s purpose and we feel the discomfort from it. When all is aligned and we are living our truth in our everyday life, life flows, it’s easeful. When the hardships arise, we navigate them with grace and are able to maintain integrity in how we show up through them.

Now what is it like when we live fully expressed? When we not only accept all of our humanness but share and exist from that place? All the while expressing ourselves from a heart centered place, an authentic embodied space and while being energetically respectful of others?

This is what Light and Shadow stirred up inside of me.

How can I connect with the highest expression of myself while staying true to the endeavor and exploring the depths of my authenticity? How do I express my light? How do I restrain it? How do I express my shadow? How do I repress it? How does it show up for me in my life? How did it show up for me during the process of putting on the show and performing it?

My role was to embody the energy of Fire in a Four Elements movement expression piece. In its Light, to me fire is about warmth, sensuality, sexuality, creativity, energy. New beginnings and letting go. Its about courage and will. It is dynamic and strong. In its shadow it is about destruction, anger, rage, unpredictability.   

Being the Fire element in this performance wasn’t just an opportunity to put together a fun and  expressive choreography, it was an opportunity for me to dive in to the expression of Fire that surrounds me and then invite the influence of the other 3 elements. Because as the theme invites, and as life has it, all elements are equally necessary for full cycles to exist. For death and rebirth to take place. For night and day to alternate. While my stage performance was a representation of my Fire, the journey I took there invited all the elements to be expressed.

Allowing myself to feel all of those in my body first and then inviting them to be a part of my life was a ride. A ride in curiosity, exploration, trial and error, emotional awareness and playfulness.



Inviting anger and rage was a trigger as I tend to avoid those emotions. I’ve been on a healing journey with my relationship to anger and am finding myself much more accepting of their expressions and how I can interact with them.  Destruction can have a beautiful impact if funneled towards creativity for the greater good and birth of a new and improved way of being.

Anger is an emotion that many struggle with. Living in its shadow aspect and being either too expressed or too repressed. It’s not yet mainstream for people to be present with their anger and use it as fuel for their growth. Today, anger is too often associated with rage and violence. And it makes people uncomfortable, almost fearful, and understandably so. Yet in order to be more present with the various degrees of the expression of anger in the world, we must be not only present, but also comfortable with, the expressions of anger within ourselves. And damn is it important to be present with all the rage in the world. It’s up to those who can hold that vibration and be with it with compassion and love, to help raise the vibration of the earth and create more harmony. I believe the same goes for pretty much any emotion. Being with the light and the shadow aspect of all emotions and elements allows for us to fully participate in Life. Fully participate and accept and have compassion.

Another embodiment aspect of fire I explored was sensuality. 

Showing sensuality and sexuality was a trigger as I have been healing from negative body image projections since I was a teenager. Using my physical body for low vibrational outcomes, it has been a journey to reclaim all of me without fear. I am still on that journey. To reclaim all of me I had to go through a phase of denying parts of me, intentionally, to witness who I was underneath some of the masks. We all have many masks, it’s a part of being human, and I believe its rare to be without one as we are all made of many facets. I don’t see wearing a mask as a negative thing, rather a choice (even if subconscious) to embody a certain archetype that we find the most fitting for the situation. Either a protective or supportive behavior.

When I started looking at how and why these sensual and sexual representations of fire show up socially, I could feel the necessity even more to dive in to those. While still untethering the journey of my own sexuality, I am able to tap in to its social impact and the sensual power it’s expression has. The very expansive expressions of sensuality in human form leaves so much room for creativity yet never looses a similar energy of desire and heat.

Women are feeling more empowered and open to showing their sensual side while rebelling against it’s patriarchal imagery of sensual = sexual. There is still a great deal of confusion around the distinction between those two energies. Yet how incredibly different they can be! For so long women have been taught that showing sensuality means we are wanting sex. That showing off our physical body sends off the “wrong message”. Why aren’t we taught that fully being connected to our sexual power, to our sacral chakra, and living an activated life, allows us to not only experience more pleasure, but also to be incredibly creative, empowered and abundant? Embodying sensuality looks the way it feels: pleasurable, ecstatic, light up and joyous!  and that is why it tends to attract desire, yet it should not be confused for the more primal, basic needs energy of sexual intercourse.

It is up to us, the women, to help bring more clarity to the difference. The ambiguity men feel is because that ambiguity is still so present within ourselves. How can we embody sensuality and  invite respect at the same time? How can we express our physical pleasure of living this earthly life in this human form, and share that with others, while believing we will be safe in doing so?

How can we honor all of us and share our authentic sensuality while holding space for the fact that many people are not taught or even understand how to receive that kind of energy?

Can we share our external selves proudly, through imagery, photos, physical interactions, writing, etc, while remaining connected to our heart mind and our integrity? Can we express ourselves because of how it makes us feel and not how it looks, while still allowing ourselves to consciously engage in the very tantalizing imagery and external expression that can be a fully embodied sensual being?

Still so many women share themselves from a low vibration system, one that fits in the mold of the shadow Patriarchal thinking, and as long as they are there, we will continue to struggle to keep the awareness high on how women thrive in this world.

So many women (myself included) are victim of physical disrespect, and too often much worse than that, and at the same time, so many men do not have any positive role models to educate them on how to treat each other let alone the opposite sex. Too many boys, and then men, do not have the proper guidance in how to be in contact with the Divine Masculine and what that evens means. How to be a man who fully respects and honors not only women but the rest of humanity. Too many boys, and then men, were not taught about their own sexuality let alone how to be sexually with someone else. Very few men I know were given guidance at a young age on how to be a man who honors the Divine Feminine within himself and how to find a safe way to express that in his life. A man who honors the Divine Feminine within himself is a man who honors women. A man who honors women supports women in blossoming in their empowered feminine energy without feeling diminished or fearful of it.



Once the rage is felt we get the opportunity to express deep sorrow. I relate deep sorrow to the element of water. Deep sorrow comes from deep within the soul, we can feel it low in the ribcage, right at the sternum. Sorrow goes much deeper than a heart ache.

Deep sorrow comes from a place of acceptance. Once we fully accept whatever circumstance, we can express deep sorrow for the loss and feel the grief. Sorrow happens because we believe we lost something.

I have felt and still feel it for more things than I wish I did. Yet at the same time, I deeply appreciate the expression of sorrow and sadness. There is something deeply moving in a freeing way. When I fully allow myself to sob, to get the body shakes until I wail, allow myself to deflate that balloon that lives right at the base of my thoracic cage, I feel free. Embracing the deep longing that fills my bones reminding me that I love and care deeply, that I am connected to more than to myself. Feeling emotional pain and allowing it to be, sets me free.

Welcoming the ocean of emotions as a guide, and flowing like water through the transitions. Surrendering in order to expand. 

And even when all is well in my life, when I have nothing to complain about, when I have no direct connection to rage, anger, sorrow or loss, it is hard to ignore the energies of the world, the chaos that is humanity, the disrespect that is put upon our Mother Earth.

I feel it for all those children separated from their parents at the border. The breastfeeding babies ripped apart from the soothing comfort of their mothers.

Rage for the gun laws that do not prioritize the citizens safety and deep sorrow for the parents of the all the children who have died from school shootings. Deep sorrow for the parents of the children who were the shooters. Deep sorrow for the shooters themselves. How lost one must be? How disconnected from their source?

I am full of rage at the lack of attention towards mental illness that could possibly be prevented if each child were truly honored in their self expression when growing up. Rage towards the public school system, trying to harvest more humans to their matrix, not honoring the uniqueness of each individual and worrying more about personal agenda than what makes children thrive. Sorrow that so many children’s potential is being lost because they are stuck in the system.

Rage that not more people care about our Planet Earth to make real changes to their lifestyles to help minimize our footprint. Rage that so much of our ecosystems and our natural life is dying because of lack of care from so many humans. Sorrow that so much of our Mother Nature is rebelling at the disrespect she is feeling from us. She is literally on fire with anger.

So much opportunity to feel rage and anger and sorrow in this world.

That’s why its important for us who can, to do all we know how, to BE with all of it with compassion and love and acceptance. There are too many people in this world who don’t know how else to be, who are stuck in rage, in victimhood. And those people express those in various and mostly destructive ways.

The patriarchy is getting such a bad rap, feminists are gaining strength and popularity but not always for the betterment of society. We show our anger towards political, environmental and societal structures and opinions yet how much is coming from a reaction to what we fear and not a reaction towards how we can heal?

Be angry, I say. Be very fucking mad as there is some fucked up shit happening all around us. And then feel that anger deep within your soul and you will find that your anger comes from deep sorrow. Once we reach the deep sorrow we can move towards healing. Staying stuck in anger only generates more of this fiery destructive energy. Using the fire energy to burn down outdated ideas and systems in order to rebuild with an emphasis on unity and harmony is where healing can take place. Within ourselves and eventually within the world.



I invited, and continue to invite, the spaciousness of air though all of my unfoldings. Releasing, and releasing again, the idea for anything needing to be any which way. Allowing for my personal expression to flow and shift as it needs to in order to find the focus that I am searching, that I loose, and then I find again. I am learning to fine tune my connection to air, to the breath and to the mind, in order to grow stronger in my commitment to an excellent life, in order to show up in life with grace and ease, connected to my power source, in the midst of chaos. Fluidity of mind and body are an acquired skill and one that helps in navigating this world with less stress and everyday damage.

I invite the focus of air in my endeavors as it is with focus that I achieve greatness. I sharpen my mind and clarify my expression.




I stayed strongly rooted and grounded in my earth power. And I continue to show up that way.

Using my body as my guide to all my expressions, embodying from a place of personal truth. Not denying myself of fully FEELING my physical being, and moving in it with dedication. While allowing myself to be fully expressed I choose to remain sovereign, to express in order to inspire and not to demolish. I keep my energy leaks in check so I can remain deeply connected to my earth source while participating in the expansion of my consciousness.

Only when we are truly grounded can we fully ascend. And to deny honest contact and connection to our bodies while being on this earth is to deny a portion of how we are here.

By inviting, working with and accepting Fire, Water, Earth and Air in to our lives, we can heal ourselves, accept all of the expressions of the elements within ourselves, so we can have more compassion to that of others. Love and acceptance are always the answer.

And sometimes love is fiery and acceptance is watery. And sometimes love is earthy and acceptance is airy. Love and acceptance live in all things if we choose to experience it that way.


                     Light and Shadow

One of the stronger pulls I had to want to perform in this piece is the raise in the collective consciousness around healing Masculine and Feminine energies and their relationship with each other; the increased awareness inviting us to find balance between the Light and Shadow energies in order to improve unity and harmony.

It’s been a personal journey of my own to reclaim all the of the parts of me, the ones I associate with masculinity as well as the ones I associate with femininity. Both the light and shadow of those.  I’ve been on his journey for several years, and after having spent hundreds of hours with women, in circles, in ceremonies, in sacred space, with love and support and deep authentic connection, I have found myself ready to embrace the masculine energies within myself in a new and improved way and to connect with the Divine Masculine energy of the world. Both the light and the shadow Masculine. Now that looks different for everyone as we all have unique life experiences, challenges, traumas and karmas.

Through that I came to realize that in order to fully embrace the Divine Masculine I need to accept the shadow masculine. How ever that shadow has been expressed in my life that’s the part that needs healing, not the version that the media or the news or my friends say it is.

What does the shadow masculine look like to you? What does it feel like? What does it taste like? How is it expressed within you? How do you shun it or welcome it?

What does the Light masculine look like? Feel like?

Ask yourself the same questions for the Divine Feminine.

Because we all are both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

There are major shifts happening now. People are waking up, people are stirring. Real conversations about how to be more united as a species are really happening. More men are having conversations. More women are having conversations. More conversations are happening within the sexes. This is progress. And today more than ever, transgenders and all other sexually fluid beings have a relevant place in society. We are making lots of a progress as a species to be more kind and generous with one another, and there is so much more to be done so that we can feel more harmony around us.

The inquiry to how we can be better at relating, connecting, expanding and accepting, and how we can do it together, is an honest and growing inquiry. We want to feel more united.

Yet in this process of creating more unity, there needs to be an acceptance of the anger that can be felt when shadows are being revealed so they can be alchemized. The rage is sometimes a necessary step to burning that which no longer serves us. Where and when do you experience rage? Can you be with it when it shows up and are you aware of how you can alchemize it?

Can we hold each other through the rage, through the sorrow, through the rebirth? Can we hold ourselves?

Our world needs healing right now. We need to create more harmony and fluidity between those parts of ourselves so we can contribute to the healing of the world with more compassion and grace.

And healing doesn’t mean not feeling angry anymore, it doesn’t mean not being sad and having it all figured out. Healing doesn’t mean we don’t hurt and we don’t cry.

To me healing means we embrace all the expressions of the human experience the way we know how, we allow ourselves to be with them and not taken over by them, believing that we are only faced with what we can grow from and live with. I believe it means that we have contact with our Divine Source and we know how to access it’s wisdom when we need it. 

Healing means we are strong enough to not only help ourselves but strong enough to also support others.

Birthday Treat for a Sick Child

This recipe happened as my daughter went to bed the night before her 10th birthday with a fever. We have a way of doing birthdays at our house that starts the celebration right as everyone wakes up. You can understand my daughters disappointment when we told her we would have to wait until she feels better before we can have a real birth DAY.

It was only natural to make her a treat that she might be able to eat at least a little bit of so she can still feel the birthday love in between all her naps and sips of warm soothing tea.

When my kids have a fever I eliminate all solids and have them drink lots of simple liquids: herbal teas, warm lemon water, broths. As they start feeling the need to eat I give them very soft and easy to digest foods. Still emphasizing on plenty of liquids.

When I presented my daughter with this birthday treat, she was happy to be able to eat a little something sweet.

Vegan Fruit Parfait


(This is an estimate as I didn’t really measure anything)

  • 5 very ripe Manila mangoes
  • 1tsp of turmeric (fresh is best, powder works great)
  • 1 cup coconut yogurt, or young coconut meat blended to a cream
  • 1 cup berry sauce (I made my own by boiling down 1 cup frozen berries with 1 cup water, 1 tsp arrowroot powder, I added honey at the end once it was boiled down)
  • Optional: 1/4 cup toasted coconut shreds
  • Steps:
    • Make berry sauce
      Blend mangoes and turmeric until very thick and creamy
      Layer in glasses or bowl and enjoy!

    40 days of confinement and a Shiitake broth recipe


    If you are here just for the recipe, go straight to the end of this  post, as I am starting it with a story about my postpartum days. 


    My 40 days of confinement, inspired by The First 40 Days, are officially done.  I made the decision to stay home with my daughter for the first 40 days postpartum, eating warming nourishing foods and practicing self care while tuning in to my daughter’s energy, thanks to the book The First 40 Days. Read more about that in this post.

    I am so incredibly grateful that I was supported in doing this and I am proud of and happy with myself to have made this commitment. I received such amazing nourishment from friends and family, I’ve been very gentle with myself, and have been relishing on what it feels like to be home with no obligations other than being with my family.

    It has been an incredibly inspiring time. I started filling up my days with more reading, more learning of subjects that I had been interested in for a while and just never made the time for, more singing with the kids and more self care. All these things are going to stay with me as I slowly start to re-integrate in the outside world. My daughter is calm and happy. Her siblings treat her with gentleness and love, and we are all around a happy and healthy family. Make no mistake, “healthy and happy” does indeed include sleep deprived, at times frustrated and impatient, and learning to adjust to life with a 4th child while stumbling through past parenting successes that are no longer successes, and needing to find a new path. Thats for a different post. But the appreciation for happiness is only truly possible when one fully accepts life’s challenges as well. 🙂

    I highly recommend mothers take this time postpartum. I know this is common for a lot of cultures, but here in the United States, not so much. And if you are like me, with no immediate family near by (other than my sister in law, who is amazing with the kids), or grandparents, then taking the time to just BE with my new born is something that comes with a lot of pre-planning.

    Other than making sure there is always someone to be with my older kids, and the endless hours of snuggling with my new love, the two most beneficial things I got out of this time at home was the nourishing foods and the self care.

    I really tuned in to my body and followed my gut’s intuition, literally, to feed myself. Unsurprisingly, not once did I crave salads, or smoothies, or anything cold. I stayed away from most flours as the thought of the weight in my stomach sounded too, well, heavy. I was eating a lot of soups and stews and warm oats, with almond milk. Lots of fatty foods such as avocados, coconut and olive oil on everything. No nuts or seeds as is, in butter or milk form was great. I avoided dairy other than the occasional yogurt craving that actually felt good on my digestion and abundant amounts of ghee. No eggs or cheese. Out of nothing other than the lack of desire for them. I am vegetarian so meats and fish and bone broths were not in my diet, though I do recommend eating lots of bone broths for meat eaters as it is highly nourishing and replenishing while being incredibly gentle on the digestion.

    As for physical activity, I didn’t do anything for the first 4 weeks other than very mild stretching to open up my chest and get some blood circulating. Since I wasn’t leaving the house I didn’t go for walks. It was hard yet I surrendered easily in to this as I was committed to being with my newborn, at home, away from cold winds or bright sunshine, or harsh noises (we live in a city). At week 4, I started increasing the frequency and intensity of my stretching and adding some mobility drills to get my joints supple and prepared for when I would eventually start exercising again. I would also perform frequent heat massages on myself, on my ankles, elbows, knees and wrists, with sesame oil. At week 5, I started doing some very gentle core awakening exercises added in to my stretching. Week 6 is when I start leaving the house, going for walks on the beach, then to the beach and home. Now, starting week 7, I have started a very gentle and mild exercise routine. It’s not much of a routine really as it is more of a permission to exercise whenever I have the time. With four kids, including a new born, I get to do a couple exercises here and there throughout the day. I have no actual “workout” time carved out yet. And I have not started doing cardio either. I am focusing on rebuilding my core and improving my flexibility, while increasing the intensity of my walking before I start adding anything more intense. Next will be walking stairs and then bike riding.

    I will eventually be writing a more extensive post on my exercise regimen with examples of how I am bringing myself back to a place of strength and balance in my own body.

    Self care was very important for me during this time. I had friends come over and provide healing sessions. I got some reiki, body talk, sound healing, cranio sacral and massages. When I didn’t have someone working on me, I worked on myself. I performed frequent self massages, took candlelit bubble baths (once the bleeding had stopped, which for me was after 6-8 days). I journaled, read, meditated, colored and drew, and worked on my own vibration either through song or tuning forks. And on occasion I would make myself yummy nourishing foods that weren’t being provided.

    Now that the 40 days are up, I am committed to keeping a lot of these practices alive. I am continuing to feed myself gentle foods for the digestion, mostly because it feels really great that way, and also because we are in between autumn and winter and warm nourishing foods are of the season.

    I am excited to start feeling in to my body more and more. The hardest part for me is not finding the motivation to exercise but rather making myself slow down and really take it slow. I am strong and can do a lot, even postpartum I can do more than some of my fitness clients, so not getting caught up in my strength and slowing down is a challenge. This is one of those times where I am choosing to NOT listen to my body, as it wants to keep going, but to tune in to my EXPERIENCE and knowledge instead. I know that taking it slow now will set me up for a much more empowering and healthy future.

    One of the harder things for me to be coming out of the 40 days is the real distractions and demands that come from having 4 children. I was really enjoying spending all my time with my new baby, massaging her, singing to her, watching her coo at me and responding. Laying luxuriously for hours in bed and nursing and snuggling and not rushing her or forcing her in to anything. Now that the 40 days are done, we don’t really have the support of friends and family in the same way. My husband is working and I am with the kids, who need me to cook for them, play with them, take them places and so on. I don’t mind it as it is my chosen life, but I am saddened that the cocoon phase is over. I still spend a lot of quality time with Haumea, but she is quickly strapped in to the carrier even though she could spend a longer time lounging in bed with me, because the other kids need me. The pacifier comes out way more often than I would generally be okay with just so I can finish making breakfast for hungry and agitated little people before sitting down to nurse her.

    Regardless of how you enter life postpartum, it is a huge shift. Wether is is your first or your 4th, it is a huge shift. But entering life postpartum after giving myself those 40 days of “confinement” feels so much more gentle and empowering. While I am tired and have very little time to myself without a child on my body, my mental state feels strong and peaceful. The upsets arise, as they always do, but I generally have the patience to handle with them more peace than I once had. I have my own internal struggles, as well as the shifting of roles and dynamics in my marriage as we navigate this new territory, yet I do not have fear, or frustrations at the unknown.

    My husband and I have been disconnected, not in a negative way, just in a way that happens because I have taken on caring for a new born and he has taken on being with older kids more and taking them out of the house when he can. We have always done everything together, and right now we are dividing ourselves to better serve our family. It is a necessary step in the process yet it is time for him and I to reconnect and talk about how we will make our relationship a priority again in the near future.

    My capabilities, desires and needs are shifting and I know his are too. Talking about those and understanding where we both are in this transition will help us grow stronger, keeping resentments and attachments out of the equation.

    We are all adjusting, and keeping communications open and clear during this time are of the utmost importance if we want to keep on thriving as a couple and a family.

    The 40 days are up, and I feel so ready to take on this new life, with all it’s challenges, upsets, beauty and joy.



    Below is the recipe for what quickly became my favorite postpartum nourishment: Mushroom broth that I got from the book The First 40 Days. The first few days, when my digestion was very sensitive and my insides felt like a ghost town, with lots of empty space and gas bubbles, I would drink this  while eating avocados. I didn’t really want much else. As my organs slowly started finding their way back and my intestines had more support I started adding oats or congee to the broth. Now I make it and keep eating with oats or congee as I truly love it. It is becoming a staple in my house.

    As with any broth, you can build your own, add or substitute ingredients given what you have on hand. There is no wrong when it comes to making broth as long s you have enough liquid with your veggies!


    Shiitake Mushroom Broth



    Makes 2 quarts (2L) (I’m not gonna lie, I always wish it makes more, i need to start doubling the recipe…)


    • 1 onion, peeled and roughly chopped
    • 2 leeks, green parts discarded, white parts roughly chopped
    • 2 TBS olive oil or other cooking oil or ghee
    • sea salt
    • 2 cups (85 g) fresh shiitake mushrooms, or 1 cup dried
    • 1/2 cup dried reishi mushrooms (20g)  (optional but I highly recommend it as it adds great immunity properties and flavor!)
    • 1 cup (60g) cremini or white button mushrooms
    • 2 strips kombu (helps with digestion and flavor)
    • 2 medium carrots, peeled and roughly chopped
    • 4 medium tomatoes, halved, with seeds is fine
    • 3 cloves garlic, peeled
    • 1 inch knob of fresh turmeric, unpeeled, halved
    • 2 cups (140g) roughly chopped green cabbage
    • 1 loosely packed cup (50g) roughly chopped parsley
    • 2 TBS lemon zest
    • 1/4 cup miso paste (optional as it is my personal add-in that wasn’t in the original recipe)


    • In a large pot over medium heat, brown the onions and leeks in the oil with a pinch of salt.
    • Quickly rinse the mushrooms and kombu under running water. Add everything but the parsley, cabbage and lemon zest to the pot, with 3 quarts (2.8L) of water, or enough water to cover the veggies by 1 inch.
    • Cook for 1 hour over medium, low heat, covered.
    • During the last 20 minutes, add the cabbage, parsley and lemon zest.
    • season the broth to taste. Remove from heat and strain.
    • I add 1/4 cup miso paste at this point (this isn’t in the recipe but this is the way I have taken to make it as I love the flavor)
    • Store in the fridge for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months



    Yes, my children will be trick-or-treating tonight. I am not a fan of this “holiday” but I am also not a fan of always going against the grain, so to speak. My oldest went to school for a few years and living in the united states, well, Halloween is almost everywhere. We live in a city so there is no escaping it without a huge fight. And because of having 3 kids, (eventually 4) old enough to trick-or-treat, I am not in to being the helicopter mom counting how much candy everyone is eating as we are walking. That just takes the enjoyment out of the night for everyone. I’d rather appreciate my kids excitement while myself enjoying the work and effort that people have put in to decorating their homes, than micro managing my kids.

    I struggled with Halloween, released my resistance a bit, then struggled with it some more, then allowed it to be what it is. I go back and forth with this event and in all honesty I wish it didn’t exist or that I lived somewhere where the celebration of it was based around folk tales and spooky gatherings rather than candy.

    But I live here. And my kids LOVE it. They love to dress up and they certainly love the candy! So I’ve let it go (mostly) and we go trick-or-treating. They never end up getting all the candy they gather because we very sneakily manage to make them think they ate it all.

    There are two things that bother me about trick-or-treating:

    1. The sheer amount of “bad” candy and it what it does to a person’s health
    2. The lack of enjoyment of some (my) children at all the decorations and effort that goes in to making Halloween festive and being focused on how much candy can be acquired instead. They definitely stop and look at what people have created but it is only an afterthought. Personally, that is my (only) favorite thing about Halloween: the decorations and costumes.

    For those two reasons I have started to do these things:

    1. Have them eat fiber and protein before we head out for trick or treating. Last year I had them drink this smoothie. This year I plan on having them drink a large cup of green soup, made with kale, broccoli, celery, beans and a few other veggies for flavor. We don’t leave the house until their cups are empty. They know this, they drink up 🙂
    2. And this year I am starting a new tradition of playing walking Halloween Bingo. I printed these off the internet. The kids seem excited about it, so we’ll see! The game will be very simple, as they just need to spot the things that are on the card and get an adult to check it off for them (to make sure they actually saw it and to also hopefully spark a conversation about the decorations they are seeing). If they fill out their whole card, they get a prize (non-edible). My hope is that in between running from doorbell to doorbell they will slow down and take the time to appreciate where we are.

    Now, I know that not all children are not in to candy and not all children rush to fill up their bags, but I have 3 kids old enough to trick-or-treat, and when one of them is in that mood, it is so quick for the others to follow, and all it takes is for one running child to get all of us running. Hoping to slow things down this Halloween.

    Please let me know if you have any “tricks” for your family so that you can all still enjoy the “treat” part of this celebration without too much back lash 🙂 Always looking for new inspiration over here!




    Congee is a rice porridge originating from China and other Asian countries. Congee is soft, warm and mushy, requiring minimal effort to digest, making it a perfect comfort food for when you are under the weather, recovering from surgery, or like myself, recovering from childbirth. It is so versatile as it will take on the flavor of what you pair it with.

    I started eating congee at the end of my pregnancy, and it was a staple in my diet for the first few weeks postpartum. I continue to eat it because I just fell in love with the possibilities of flavors it promises.

    Because this recipe makes such a large batch, I started freezing small portions in zip lock bags that are easily defrosted for a quick add in to most meals. I’ve mixed it with soup, curries, chillies and other veggie one pot meals. During my first weeks postpartum I would add it to simple veggie broths for a little sustenance. I’ve had it sweet as a custard (see below), or just with milk and fruit. Your imagination is the limit here!



    White Rice Congee (from the book The First 40 days)


    • 1 1/2 cups white jasmine rice
    • 1/2 cup white sticky rice



    • In a large pot bring the uncooked rice with 1 quart of water to a boil, or enough to cover the rice by 1 1/2 inches, to a boil
    • reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 45 minutes, until the grains soften and open up.
    • You’ll want to stir often and add water as its being absorbed. I usually end up adding up to 4 cups of water throughout the cooking to make sure the rice stays moist and becomes pudding like.
    • Eat hot or store in the fridge for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months.




    Savory Congee with parsley pesto



    Sweet Congee Custard

    • Stir in one whole egg while heating it up, with a splash of milk and some honey and it tastes just like custard!
    • add in whatever you like to have to a sweet bowl! Here I have black sesame seeds, cacao nibs, bananas, cinnamon and coriander powder.


    Coconut Haystacks

    This is a very quick (if you have an electric hand mixer), very simple recipe here that I got from the book The First 40 Days.

    This is my first time making coconut haystacks the more traditional way as I have been making the raw version, that I call Rawcaroons, for years now.  I have a basic version, the almond rawcaroon, a lemon one, raspberry flavor, and there are probably a few other flavors in my recipe repertoire as well, if you are up for the search 🙂 I have definitely made many more flavors just cannot remember if I have blogged about them all.

    While I LOVE the raw versions, they can be heavy on the digestion and they take so much longer to make. Since I am still in my early post partum days I am continuing to be mindful of my digestion and choosing foods that feel gentle and not to heavy.

    These were wonderful! They don’t hold up as nicely as the rawcaroons as they are more fragile, but so worth it! I hope you enjoy!



    • 6 large egg whites
    • 1/4 tsp salt
    • 1/2 cup honey
    • 2 TBS pure vanilla extract
    • 4 1/2 cups shredded unsweetened coconut
    • 2 or 3 drops rose water (optional)


    • Preheat over to 350*F
    • In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg whites until a stiff peak forms (this is my first time using my hand held mixer with eggs whites, and oh man was it easy and quick!!)
    • Gently mix in all other ingredients until just combined. Do not over mix!
    • Drop tablespoons of the batter on to a greased or lined baking sheet
    • Bake for 8 minutes and check. They need to be slightly golden brown. The book says 8-12 minutes here, and I did mine for almost 20 before they started to brown on the top! They got crispy on the bottom and I actually liked that as it added a little caramel flavor 🙂
    • Remove from oven when done to your liking and let cool 5-10 minutes.




    These are the perfect snack for me to have around the house for a quick pick me up or little treat with my tea.

    The First 40 Days (post partum)

    This is a book review, illustrated with my own personal experience and the intro to a lot of my upcoming posts. 




    This book, in my opinion, should be read by all expecting mothers. Wether it’s your first or your 6th child, if you are pregnant and haven’t read this book yet, I strongly suggest you do.

    I was given this book by my friend Marisa Belger, the co-author of this book, and while I was not pregnant at the time, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, was gifting it and suggesting it to pregnant women, and I wished this book had been written when I was pregnant with one of my first 3 children as it is full of beautiful nourishing recipes, thoughtful tips and deep wisdom.

    As luck has it, I ended up getting pregnant with my fourth child, Haumea, and had her a few weeks ago ❤


    So now I am home and I get live The First 40 Days, that were entirely inspired by this book. I am on day 24 now.

    The idea of the first 40 days is a cultural thing. Many cultures around the world observe the first 40 days postpartum as one of deep healing, gentleness, inward living and care for the new mother and baby. One where neither the mother or baby leave the house and where they both spend their time just being with each other with minimal distractions and lots of nourishment, love and self care. A time where family steps in and comes to take care of the new mother so she can focus all her attention on baby. We don’t have this tradition in the US unfortunately. Quite the contrary actually!

    In the US a mother is viewed as strong and capable if she is out and about with her newborn just days after giving birth. Extra bonus points if her physical body bounces back quickly. “Wow, you are so amazing being out with your new baby and you barely look like you have given birth!” Women are proud to show up places with their newborn in tow. “I got this, I can have a new baby AND be social AND even go back to work! I might even throw a welcome party for my baby”

    There is pride in that. And I get it because I was like that with my first 3 babies. I was physically capable of doing it all and so I did. I was proud to be able to do it all. Since when has busyness become a badge of honor? I wore that badge with pride. Thankfully because of who I am and my genetic makeup I was able to handle the lack of early self care without it depleting me too much. But while my physical body was handling it fairly well, how was my emotional body really doing during those times?

    This time around I am PROUD to have made the commitment to SLOW DOWN. I am PROUD to say I am staying home with my baby and doing the bare minimum. Because of who I am (physically active, social, mother of four, self imposed obligations of taking the kids out of the house and entertaining them often, self imposed duty of cooking from scratch), making this commitment to do the bare minimum took more work than it would have to just go back to living life the way I usually do. And boy do I need this time at home. I think it’s worth mentioning that I live in San Francisco, a big city with lots to do, lots to explore and lots of people to see. If I lived in the country or a more remote place, taking this time at home might not feel like such a big deal. I also think it’s worth mentioning that my mother passed when I was a child, and my father and step mom live in France. My husbands mother isn’t around either. So this leaves us with no grandparents to help us out and no mother figure to take care of me.

    I am being very mindful of my diet. While I am usually someone who eats well, balanced and varied, the way of eating suggested by The First 40 Days isn’t only about the “healthy” factor, it’s about the nourishing and healing factor. While previously I would eat big salads and drink smoothies and smoothies bowls, because really, those things are healthy and packed with vitamins and yummy things, so why wouldn’t I eat them? This book has given me new isights on how to gently care for a body that needs comfort and warmth.

    I have been feeling amazing everyday. My kids are being cared for by community so that they are not bored at home everyday, I am being fed nourishing meals by my community as well as the great prep work I put in while I was still pregnant, and I am receiving healing sessions from my community as well. My husband is being a rock star dad and taking the kids places as much as he can when he is not working in order for them to have fun and for Haumea and I to spend time alone. My brother is also staying with us and being helpful with the older kids so I don’t need to rush out of bed in the morning and can take my time nursing and snuggling Haumea. Not only do I feel great physically, I  have also recovered the fastest from all 4 births, and my emotional well being feels stable, centered, grounded and patient. I never thought this is the way I would feel after bringing a fourth child in to this already rambunctious home of mine. I know things will shift when I start to interact with the outside world more, and I feel so ready to take that on. Adjusting to life with a newborn in this way is setting me up for success as I am integrating in a peaceful, quiet way.

    Not only that, but I am getting to spend such amazing quality time with my baby. Time that would so easily slip away if I were at the playground with the older kids, or in the car going places while she is strapped in her car seat, (probably crying because that is not where she wants to be), or at park meet ups or strapping her in and out of the carrier so I can shop and run other errands. We will eventually get to doing all those things. But being able to spend HER first 40 days out of the womb in such a thoughtful, low activity way, in the comfort of an intentional cocoon, I imagine is a much sweeter transition than being brutally thrown in the chaos of what can sometimes be this modern life. I get to spend long moments singing to her, massaging her, rocking her, soothing her, snuggling her. And the other kids are learning to treat her gently as well, honoring her space, her quietude and her transition.

    This time at home is allowing me to replenish and feel ready to take on whatever shape my life will take once I start leaving the house again and having more obligations and duties. And it’s allowing me to fully tune in to Haumea so that I can make choices that are considerate of her once life resumes it’s busier pace. Although I have a feeling this time we are spending here is going to shift my perspective and desires around how much we do and how often.

    And I attribute all of this to the inspiration I got from The First 40 Days. Before reading this book I felt like I was good at birthing, post partum and integration of a new being in our life. I would have not expected the amazing difference my inner world would experience by taking these committed 40 days. Because making this commitment goes beyond staying home for 40 days, it also involves being committed at caring for myself, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I journal, I write, I sing, I perform self massages. I oil my hair and take baths. I stretch, read and meditate.

    I want to point out, that while I wished I had had this book with my first baby, I feel like this book is even more relevant to me now that I have several children. For those of you who are mothers, you might already associate with the fact that we can put ourselves last as mothers, or feel like we have too much going on already to take the time to nourish ourselves properly, be it with food or self care. It’s so easy to fall right back in to the “I need to do so much for everyone around me, if I have time I will do something for myself after” mentality.  So making this commitment during my pregnancy, talking to my husband about it and making sure he is on board and gathering my tribe, my community to support us all during this time, was even more necessary now that I have been a mother for 9 years than it was 9 years ago when my first child was born.

    This book is a must have in my opinion. Unless you are a lucky person who comes from a culture who already honors this tradition and have been raised with these principles. For me, a lot of this information was new and I am so incredibly grateful to the women, Heng, Marisa and Emily, who put it into words and turned it into a book so that the rest of the world can learn about it.

    And I am incredibly grateful to my husband and my community for supporting me in my decision. Even though this time spent this way is a necessity for the well being of myself and baby, because of the world we live in, a part of me cannot help but think of it as a luxury, a luxury I am blessed to be able to take in this fast paced, go-getter, keep moving and do do DO! world we live in.


    A Birth Story with a Recipe :)

    September 14th, 2017


    Drinking ceremonial hot chocolate as my contractions get stronger. I am waiting for you baby as you work your way to the birth canal. It is now 9am. I feel strong, confident and ready. Connecting with you in early labor feels sweet. You are gentle, patient and peaceful. No intense emotions or feelings of being rushed. I am eager to meet you my love. We got this. We are working together and in harmony. I love you.

    Last night at 11pm is when it became clear that labor was starting. I felt this surge of hormones, I started getting fidgety, slightly irritable, impatient and warm. “The tub! We must blow up the birthing pool!”; “We need to move the TV, my birth altar is not set up!”; “I have to go to the bathroom, NOW and Taru is in there! Why is he in there!?” Oh shit this is happening. Am I ready? Running through checklists in my head. Do we have all “the things?” Did I prep enough? Do we have enough food? What are we missing? Leif where are you?? Oh right, you’re blowing up the pool…. I was so tempted to ask him to stop doing that so he could come upstairs and move the TV for me, but I decided to sit on the couch and practice patience. The baby was definitely not coming NOW. I won’t give in to my frantic mind. Slow down. Breath. Wait. I am so ready for this. I’ve been so ready. I have everything I need and I AM everything I need.

    “Babe, can you please move the TV so can I set up the altar?” He had come back upstairs and was as fidgety and excited as I was “Oh my god, we’re having a baby!”.

    Setting up the altar allowed me to slow down, tune in to the energies I was calling in for this birth: gentleness, patience, strength, warriorship, breath, connection with baby, softness. And it allowed me to connect with all my goddess friends who provided objects for me to put on my altar. Once that was done, I decided to take a shower and try to get some rest as the contractions were still mild and far apart.



    My sleep was frequently interrupted with contractions and trips to the bathroom, yet I was grateful to be able to rest. Around 3:30am the intensity picked up a bit and I had to focus my breathing in order to allow for the contractions to pass. But again, I was able to fall asleep in between them. At 6am they got stronger still and I was laboring in bed until about 7:30am when the kids came in. I decided to get up and wash my hair, because if baby is coming today, when will I get the chance to wash my hair again? Plus I want to smell nice for myself while I am in the heat of labor. The shower seemed to have slowed things down a bit so I tried to stay on my feet and move and dance and cook. I made curry in the crockpot. I was feeling somewhat impatient again. Is this going to pick up? Are the contractions going to get closer together soon? Or am I going to be mildly laboring for days? Can we just get this thing done? The mood swings between impatience and staying in the moment were an added indicator that labor was really happening. “With each breath, I oooooopen my cervix”; “Come on already, get stronger and drop that baby!”; “I gently welcome your arrival in due time baby”: “Why am I still smiling  and not crunched over my exercise ball in contraction agony??”.


    It’s 9am and the kids are outside playing with Leif. I make myself a ceremonial hot chocolate, light the candles on the altar and say my quiet thanks to all my support team, present at the birth and energetically there. I set up a few symbolic items next to me on the table (a felt heart for love and gratitude and softness, a butterfly for transition, change and happiness, a clear quartz crystal for amplified energy and connection to spirit). I pull out my journal and start writing. This is what I need to slow down and become fully one with what is happening. No more impatience, no more fidgety energy, it’s time to drop in and connect with baby.


    I feel strong, confident and ready. Connecting with you in early labor feels sweet. You are gentle, patient and peaceful. No intense emotions or feelings of being rushed. While I kept on expecting those and almost calling those in, I am grateful this is not how you are doing this right now baby. I am eager to meet you my love. We got this. We are working together and in harmony. I love you.


    After this little focused moment of drinking and journaling, things started picking up. I let my midwives know that it is almost time, and I get to work. I walk and dance in order for gravity to work with me. I hum with each contraction and invite baby to drop. I don’t rush. I allow baby to set the pace and I allow myself to get taken by the pace of each contraction. My biggest work here is to fully surrender and relax as much as possible in to each contraction so that baby can do it’s thing. I stay on my feet as much as I can as gravity will help baby to drift downward more easily. Baby is doing most of the work here and I am supporting that as much as I can. I manage to step out of my own way and I surrender. That is my biggest work right here, right now. I have stopped wanting to rush the process yet a part of me wonders if this will be a long birth as everything feels so….peaceful. I keep on expecting things to feel so intense and draining. But it never really gets there. The contractions hurt, and they demand my attention and focus, and as soon as they are over I am able to be fully present to the outside world, not too caught up in my active recovery. This is a new way of laboring for me. I am aware of what is going on around me. I feel when Kekaula, my 5 yr old boy, comes to me and comforts me. I hear Tika, my 9 yr old daughter, and respond to her when she asks me if I need anything. I feel it when Leif, my husband, and Jolan, my 3 yr old son, come and use the tuning fork on my sacrum when the contractions feel very intense. The tuning fork helps so much in managing my pain.


    Kristin, my doula and dear friend, arrives. She looks beautiful in her white dress with large green feathers. Festive and radiant. What a gorgeous gift to get to see her during this beautiful and physically painful and demanding time. She sprays me with some delicate essences and puts a cold cloth on my neck. I didn’t know I needed that until she did it. It’s the little things.


    I keep dancing and walking around. Going to Leif for a few support contractions. In all honesty, I like laboring alone. I don’t feel the need to have Leif physically supporting me during the pain. It’s nice when he does yet I don’t seek it out or demand it. It’s almost easier to focus my attention on the work when I am at it alone. I go back to the ball on the ground. My favorite place to be for most of the hard labor. Nancy, my midwife, arrives close to 12pm. Kara, my other midwife, shortly after. I can smell Kristin’s amazing cooking coming from the kitchen. Ghee and onions. Something tasty is being created for us. I am laboring hard by then, yet still present and peaceful. This labor is so different from the others. I am grateful and a part of me still doubts. If things don’t pick up, can our baby be born soon? Is labor supposed to feel so sweet, so serene, so…..perfect?


    I throw up. Ok! I am transitioning! If I had any doubts about it before, I know myself in labor and throwing up is a sign that my cervix is opening up even more and I am moving in to the next phase of labor. And yet. This baby is not intense. This baby is not rushing me. This baby is not demanding of my energy or attention. Its is doing its thing and asking the bare minimum from me. In labor, the bare minimum is still a lot, but this my fourth time, it feels so simple and beautiful almost. Kekaula comes to me often with gentle touches and rubs. He is so sweet, and caring, and thoughtful. His energy quiet and loving. I am so grateful for his presence.


    I feel the baby drop. The pain has moved from my belly and upper womb space to my pelvis and lower abdomen. And the pain is getting more sharp. It’s going to be time soon. My moans are becoming longer, more focused, more intense. And yet. I’ve experienced such excruciating pain in previous labors, is this all this is going to be? I mean it HURTS, and I want it to be over soon, yet I feel like it could hurt so much more. Or have my pain management skills improved since the last birth?


    “Aurore, do you want to get in the water?” Nancy asks. “YES”. I had been wanting to go in yet a part of me was worried that getting in too early would slow things down. I wanted to get in the water when it was really time to push. And it was time. Baby was ready, I was ready, the midwives were ready. It was going to happen soon. And I was grateful.


    The water is warm and I immediately feel better being in it. But the pool is uncomfortable. We got a cheap kid pool off Amazon because I couldn’t find an inflatable birthing tub for rent and I didn’t want the aqua doula. I was slightly regretting it then. I couldn’t get comfortable as my butt was at the bottom of the pool, making contact with a too hard surface: the ground below me. I couldn’t let my body keep opening the way it needed to for the baby to come out. I try to relax. I can feel Kekaula putting his hand on my heart and keeping it there. Giving me his love and strength as I work hard to get his sibling here. Jolan follows suit and gently touches my face. While I am loving the comfort from my boys I am having a hard time getting comfortable and allowing for contractions to really do their work. We try putting a towel under my bum but that doesn’t’ really do enough. I try to have a few more contractions and invite the baby to keep descending but it’s clear that my favored birthing position won’t work here. I flip over on to me knees, allow for my face to rest on the side of the pool and after a couple contractions there I know it’s time. I start to push. It hurts. I am not a fan of this position but it’s what I have to work with right now. I bear down again and push. I put my hand on my vagina to feel if the head is close. It is. I hear Nancy confirm that. Everyone is in position. Baby is coming. It’s all up to me now. Baby has done it’s part, now it’s all up to me in how long it will take for the baby to actually be born, it’s all in the pushing now. I know this. How hard I push, combined with how much I allow myself to OPEN will be the answer to how quickly we meet our baby. So I push. HARD. I try to ignore the sensation that my anus is turning inside out and about to be ripped off. I feel the head. I hear the voices telling me they see the head. “The head! It’s not all the way out Aurore, one more push.” I push hard and I feel the head completely clear. That took so much out of me. “You are safe, you got this, you are safe”. Kara’s voice in my ear as she hugs my head. I guess the effort this is requiring is being witnessed. It’s not just how I feel, I am actually working really hard to push this baby out. “One more push Aurore, you got this!”. It’s all up to me now. I can get this over with now if I choose. SO I PUSH. And I let out a warrior cry. And I reach down with one hand as the baby slips out of me and is being handed to me from between my legs. It’s done. I did it. WE did it. This was the hardest push of all 4 babies. But it was quick. And it’s over. I am so relieved. I lay back with relief and exhaustion and happiness. “It’s a girl! Is it a girl?” I lift the baby up off my chest. It’s a girl! Welcome sweet face!!!


    It’s over. Well almost. Maconium is all around me in the tub. I need to get out. I can’t sit in here and deliver the placenta unfortunately. I need to go on the floor mattress. It’s those last little efforts once the baby is out that feel so incredibly demanding. Getting on the mattress is such a feat of strength. As I get out of the tub I feel a gush down my legs. “Ewwww! She’s pooping!” I hear the kids. Brown liquid all over me. Maconium in my waters. A lot of it. This is why you came early my little doll. It wasn’t safe for you in there anymore. Thank you for coming early and keeping yourself safe.


    Once on the couch it took you minutes to find my nipple and you wanted to stay there for the first few hours post birth. It was so sweet and nice to see you latch on so easily and effortlessly and eagerly. Breastfeeding is a breeze with you. We lay peacefully together on the mattress as I birth the placenta and final birthing details happen (Did I tear? No. How is my blood pressure? Good. Do I have a fever? No.)


    Now I get to take a brief shower while the midwives check you out and make sure all is good with you too and then I get to snuggle with you in bed for a whole week.


    I love birthing. I love the process, I love the outcome and I love the post birth week. It’s the sweetest week I ever experience. Falling in love with a new being, spending hours looking at her quickly changing features. Figuring out her cues and sounds and signs. The post birth week is one of my favorite weeks ever.


    Welcome Haumea.





    Reflecting on this birth as well as all my other births, here are the things I wish to share.

    From my own experience, the way a baby comes in to the world is somewhat of an indication of who this baby is. Who I am in pregnancy, is also an indication of who this baby is. From the moment conception happens, our energies are blended and we influence each other. By looking back on who I was with each pregnancy and how each labor went, and then seeing who my 3 older children are, that information is very relevant to me. I can describe my mood in pregnancy followed with my experience of labor with each child and explain how those impressions are present in each one of my children.


    Being able to discern where my energy ends, where baby’s begins and where we are blended is something that came with practice and lots of awareness. I was too young and stuck in my ego with my first child to be aware of those things. It’s upon looking back that I became aware of the details and started paying attention in following pregnancies. With each consecutive pregnancy I became more fluent with this understanding and pregnancy became increasingly more spiritual and meaningful.

    While this last birth was not the shortest, it was by far the sweetest. And I can say with certainty that the reason for that is because of who I was bringing in to the world and because of who I am at this point in my life. The increased awareness that baby does the work in labor and my job is to step out of the way really helped my body open and soften the way it needed to. Allowing for sweetness to take over. Because as soon as I regarded the labor pains as the actual work and effort that baby was doing to get here, instead of the dreadful experience that is unavoidable in birth, I became so much more accepting of and even touched by the contractions as I was seeing them as an expression of my baby. And instead of wishing the contractions away or struggling through them, I would softly speak to my baby, encouraging her and supporting her as I knew this was an effort for her as well. Isn’t that a sweet reminder of what parenting is all about? Releasing control and stepping out of the way of our children so they can do the work they came here to do, and just support them as best as we can in their endeavors.


    I’ve always loved labor. I know it sounds kind of crazy but I do love labor. I like seeing how far my body will go, how much I can stretch my physical comfort zone. I like the feeling of working with my baby to allow for it to be born. I like the deep commitment it takes to be fully present with the experience. I like the meditative state that is required to labor naturally at home. I like paying attention to the phases of labor and how I manage myself in each of those. I love how much of a spiritual experience it can be when I allow myself to soften and have contact with spirit instead of being stuck in my pain.  And I really love the feeling of my baby coming out of me, the actual birthing part. There is nothing like the sensation of having life literally come out of me.

    I was made for this. My body responds to pregnancy and birth in a way that makes it that I cannot deny that I was meant for this. And I am so incredibly grateful that I got to do this 4 times.



     Ceremonial Hot Chocolate Recipe:

    (I got this recipe from a beautiful book “The First 40 Days, the art of nourishing the new mother”)

    *2 cups milk of choice (I use homemade almond milk)

    *3 TBS cacao powder

    *1 TBS corn meal (for added thickness and texture)

    *1 TBS coconut oil or ghee

    *1 tsp cinnamon

    *dash of cayenne (optional)

    *sprinkle of seal salt (optional)

    *sweetener to taste, I used about 2 tsp honey

    Warm the milk in a saucepan. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend on high until everything is well incorporated. Drink warm.

    This gave me some good sustenance for my laboring hours. And when I threw it all up, the coming back out part wasn’t too unpleasant as the flavors were so potent! Sorry if this is TMI, this is a birth story after all…. 😉


    Healing Golden Tea

    No, this is not another web recipe for the famous golden milk. This recipe was created purely in the hopes of healing me from sickness.

    I very rarely get sick. Every couple years maybe less? I do get a runny nose or a cough at times, but that’s not really being sick. Being sick is when I cannot take care of my household or anything else because my energy is so low and I just need to rest and take care of myself. Being sick for me is when something is so physically uncomfortable that I need to retreat and put the only energy I have towards healing.

    That’s what happened on sunday. Thankfully it was on a sunday where my husband was home and we had nothing planned, so I could just set up the living room as an ongoing movie theater and let myself melt in the couch.

    When I get sick I do two things: I cut out most foods and I drink PLENTY of liquids. I try to make those liquids relevant to what I am feeling in the moment. This is where this tea came in. I needed something that felt healing, while providing some quality nutrients to help assist my immune system in fighting what I had. What I had was a very sore throat that led up to my ear and create a lot of pain there as well. The left side of my neck and ear were swollen to the point of creating pressure in my head. I didn’t have any mucus so I didn’t want to consume too much heating foods such as garlic. Which is my go to for runny noses and colds. It felt like an infection so I treated it as such.

    Lemon Peel: it has all the same vitamins as lemon juice but 5 to 10 times more potent. In my case I used it because it helps against bacterial infections as well as overgrowth of parasites. If I did have an infection, this will help lower it. For a sore throat you can chew on some lemon peel without swallowing it for 5-10 minutes, kinda like gum. I make sure to use organic for this.

    Turmeric: helps fight inflammation, increases immune system strength amongst many other things. But those two I mentioned are the reason I used it.

    Coconut oil: It helps the body absorb turmeric as it is fat soluble. And also since I was barely eating, it felt good to have a tiny bit of fat in my system.

    Ginger: anti-inflamatory, as well as helps lower infections. It’s warming and improves circulation. Good for upset stomachs and digestion.

    Mint leaves: helps soothe headaches as well as alleviate inflammation. It has germicidal qualities that help keep bacteria in the mouth under control. And it tastes good 🙂




    • 1/4 lemon, with peel on
    • 1/2 to a whole lemon juice
    • 1 large chunk of ginger, the size of a knuckle about
    • 1 tsp turmeric
    • 1 tsp coconut oil
    • 5-10 mint leaves
    • dash of himalayan pink salt or any other good salt as long as it’s not table salt
    • Large spoonful of raw local honey, raw is important here, you don’t want to use honey that has been heated as it looses all of it’s nutritional value.
    • 3 cups hot water



    • put everything in a blender and blend on high until everything is very well combined
    • pour in a thermos and sip throughout the day.


    I made the is the first day I felt something was coming on and after the first sip I said to my husband: “This tastes like it’s going to heal me”. Not in a bad way, in a potent and delicious way. I very much enjoyed drinking this and made myself one last batch this morning just to be sure. My kids happily drank some as well. We tend to all take medicine when person is sick. Since everything we take at my house is all plant based and usually home made, there are no side effects of taking those while healthy.


    I really do think that drinking this helped a huge deal in my speedy recovery. 24 hours later and I was already ready to eat again. While I only stuck to soups and fruits to ease back in to “normal living”, I felt good enough to eat.

    For other natural home remedies that I have used and liked check out these recipes:

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    What home remedies do you use when you are feeling under the weather?