Almond Rawcaroons

I try not to waste food if I can help it. Especially when it’s something as great as almond pulp. After making a batch of delicious almond coconut milk I had the leftover pulp and wanted something sweet. I had several things in mind I wanted to do but I choose to go with what would be the least amount of prep. So I created these delicious little balls of energy. 

As usual, pardon my lack of photography skills, not only do I have none, but I had made these for a camping trip we just had, and as we were packing I realized I hadn’t taken a picture, so I snapped one quickly and got back to packing. These were so easy to make and tasted delicious and filling. 





  • 1 cup packed almond pulp
  • 3/4 cups almond butter
  • 10 soft medjool dates
  • 1/8 cup maca (optional)
  • pinch of salt


  • Put everything in a food processor and process until well combined
  • Scoop out and either dehydrate for 10 hours, or roll into smaller balls and keep in freezer


Almond Coconut Milk

So simple and so delicious. Homemade almond milk is a staple in my house. I use it for so many things. From drinking straight up, to using it on raw granola, to having it in my smoothies or mixing it up in a dessert. It is a must. And making it fresh really doesn’t take that long. For the basic recipe click here. 

Here I wanted to mix in some coconut because I have had the store bought one and it is delicious!!! So naturally I had to make my own. Because of how delicious it is, I cannot make it too often. It doesn’t last 20 minutes in our fridge ;) And I like to have almond milk ready to go in the fridge. 





  • 1 cup almonds, soaked at least 8 hours
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cup shredded coconut


  • Put everything in blender
  • Blend
  • Squeeze through nut milk bag
  • Enjoy within 3 days!

Make sure to save the pulp to create some tasty recipes with it!!

Basil Pesto Sauce

The basil has been so lush and abundant at the farmers market that I just cannot help and buy a few bundles every time I smell it!! For that reason, I have been making a lot of pesto this summer. I love pesto for how versatile it is: on pizza, with raw crackers, as a dip with veggies, as a spread on a sandwich, with zucchini pasta, you get the drift ;) 

This is my version of pesto. I omit the pine nuts, mainly because those are not something I ever have on hand. When creating recipes, I try to create things with ingredients that are frequently in my kitchen. It keeps things simple and convenient. 





  • 2 cups tightly packed basil
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/2 cup cashews
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 TBS lemon juice
  • 1 TBS nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 tsp salt


  • put everything in the food processor and blend until desired consistency. I left it a little chunky this time because I felt like :) Sometimes I like it really smooth and will process it longer. 

Zucchini Pasta with Alfredo sauce

Mmmm mmmm. That was a tasty dinner!!! I truly love spaghetti, and I definitely do not want to be eating the real stuff often. Eating it this way satisfies my craving for pasta. Here I had zucchini pasta with my newly created Rawlfredo Sauce :) Because I wanted to keep the whole dish raw, I dehydrated onions and mushrooms to top it off with. I could have easily sautéed them but as I said, I really wanted to keep the dish raw, and these tasted amazing. (Sorry for my lack of photography skills, this photo definitely does’t make this dish justice.)


Ingredients for mushroom topping:

  • 1 large portobello mushroom, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup buttons, thinly sliced
  • 1 red onion, thinly sliced
  • 4 TBS olive oil
  • 2 TBS balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 TBS dried mixed herbs



  • Put everything in a bowl and gently rub to mix all the seasonings in well with the vegetables
  • put on a dehydrator sheet
  • dehydrate for about 4 hours.
  • Make zucchini pasta , mix in the rawlfredo sauce and top it with the mushroom and onion mixture.

It was my first time making a raw mushroom mixture like this, and it came out perfect. I love it and I will definitely do it again. 

Rawlfredo Sauce

Yes, I made that up. I find it fun :) It’s a raw Alfredo Sauce. Because I love creamy delicious sauces but my health cannot afford to indulge in them often, I have created my own. It tastes amazing on zucchini pasta, as a dip or pretty much anything you would normally use a creamy alfredo sauce on. I love coming up with recipes like this because as a french woman, butter and cream are part of my heritage. I do not want to give them up. Nor do I want to give up feeling amazing. So I can eat this kind of sauce anytime I want, and feel like I am staying true to my roots, and indulge in the real stuff on occasion. 




  • 1 1/2 cups cashews (dry measure), soaked at least 4 hours
  • 1/8 cup lemon juice
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/8 cup olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic ( I would have added more if the kids weren’t eating it)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 TBS nutritional yeast
  • 1 TBS fresh parsley (optional)


  • Put everything in the blender and blend on high. 
  • Adjust water according to desired consistency. This one came out pretty thick, which I really like. 


Pause. Breath. Appreciate.

The other day I was scrambling to get out of the house with the three kids, as I often do. As I was starting to get impatient at the kids usual being-in-the-present-no-need-to-rush attitude, not realizing that I had an agenda, and I wanted to get out of the house at a certain time, my daughter spots our Wisdom Deck and asks if we can open it.


Being in my moment of rush I almost missed out on this amazing opportunity. Almost. As I saw myself grab for the deck to put it out of reach so we could just leave already, I realized here was an opportunity for me to change the energy for the rest of the day. I sat down next to her and I said yes. Her and her brother both drew a card and we read the meaning behind it. It was so easy, so simple. All I had to do was say yes, and all my angst at getting out the door left my body. I sat in the present moment with my kids, appreciating them, appreciating their natural ability to just BE, and appreciating the fact that they will always bring me back to my center if I let them. 

It took all but three minutes to pull cards and read them. But in those three minutes, the level of connection that was created, the ease that it brought upon us, and the switch of energy that it generated, was so much greater in comparison to all the tugging and shouting that would have probably ensued had I not allowed this to happen. It actually probably would’ve taken me a lot longer to get out the door would I have not chosen to pause, breath, and appreciate that moment with them. 

Life with three kids is a whirlwind. Sometimes I get nothing done and at others I feel like a super hero. Sometimes I yell, sometimes I ignore, at others I laugh and I slow down. No matter what I do though, these three little beings are always there, shinning their bright light around me and if I just let myself soak it up, it really doesn’t matter what I do in one day. What matters is that I open myself up to such experiences, because it is in these kinds of moments that I truly love being a mother. And the more I am willing to receive, the easier it is for me to handle all the ups and downs of motherhood. Being a parent will never be easy all the time, but having these kinds of moments make the tough times seem so trivial. 



A Good Life for our kids starts with US

Lunch today: green smoothie and left over breakfast oatmeal. My kids have been drinking green smoothies since they were old enough to eat solids, so it’s rarely a battle to have them drink one these days. As a matter of fact, sometimes they ask for some smoothie when they see me making one for myself. Which is what happened today. This is the kind of parenting moment I am proud of.




We are our kids role models. If we cannot change our unhealthy habits for ourselves lets do it for our kids. If what they see us doing is sitting around eating junk food, or rushing around too busy to eat something decent, then they will think that that is the way to live. Not only are we responsible for keeping them healthy today, but the way we act around food is very likely to affect how they will act around food as adults. 

I’ve had too many conversations with adults who blame their parents for their lack of knowledge in healthy eating, for not giving them more guidance in how to eat well, for letting them eat whatever they wanted as kids, or even feeding them fast foods on a regular basis. These same adults struggle today to find their way to a healthy lifestyle, trying all kinds of dead end diets. Being healthy is a lifestyle, not just a way of eating. And it starts when we are children. The better examples we set for our kids, the easier we are making their life as adults. Do you want your kids to struggle with weight, body image issues, illnesses, amongst others, as they get older? Do you want them to blame YOU for not feeling good about themselves and not knowing how to lead a healthy life because they never had the right role model? 

Parents don’t usually think of those things when they buy all the conveniently packaged “kids” foods at the supermarket, when they do a quick stop at a fast food joint because they are too tired to cook, when they let their kids have sugary cereals and processed sugar desserts every day. Those foods are the beginning of the end of a happy body. And kids know nothing of this, they are completely dependent on us for food. So why not present them with the healthiest options there are? 

I started as early as I could to feed my kids well, because I already had a positive outlook on food and had a wholesome diet. I fortunately had a great childhood around food and learned a lot of healthy habits from my parents that I still have today. And I am doing the same for my kids because I want them to be able to look back on how I raised them as ways to take care for themselves in a positive manner.

 If you haven’t been doing that it doesn’t mean it is too late to start. I will soon be posting an entry on ways to start your family on a healthier path. What you can do starting now, is be mindful and implement positive eating habits for yourself. If you are already doing that, your kids are very lucky :) Either way, I hope I inspire you in some way, wether it be being active with your kids or switching up what you eat. I am happy to keep on sharing recipes with you that you can share with your families. 

Tips to avoid over eating at parties

If you have an active social life and/or a parent and go to kids birthday parties a lot it’s good to have a plan if your health matters to you. I love parties. I’m a social person and I enjoy connecting with people. And I also love eating :) I like going to parties and allowing myself t eat foods I don’t normally eat at home. With that said, it is far too easy to leave a party feeling overstuffed, sluggish and wishing I hadn’t eaten so much. So I have found some ways to allow me to still eat party food without all the guilt. Here are 5 tips that work for me:

1-Make yourself a plate

If you make yourself a plate and sit down to enjoy it, you are not only bringing awareness to what you are eating but you are also more conscious of what you are putting in your mouth. Grazing throughout the whole party guarantees you will eat more than you need. A few chips here, a couple handful of nuts there can easily turn into 400 extra calories that I personally would much rather put towards dessert ;) 


2-Do not hang around the food

We’ve surely all heard that the party always ends up in the kitchen, or that the best place to hang out is the kitchen. That’s because people naturally gravitate to where the food is. Don’t be that person. If it’s a sunny day, go outside and enjoy the weather, if the party is indoors, find another pleasant room to be in. Staying around the food is a sure way to start chowing down like very one else. 


3-Drink lots of water

Water will make you feel full. Always have a cup or bottle in hand and drink consistently throughout the day/evening. Not only will the fact of holding a cup of water encourage you to drink more, it will keep your hands busy so that the temptation to reach for a handful of something processed doesn’t take over. 


4-Make stimulating conversation

Find someone you enjoy talking to and connect in stimulating conversation. If your focus is on the enjoyment of the connection you are having with another person, you won’t be focused on all the tasty snacks there are in the other room. People often eat or drink out of boredom at parties. Don’t let yourself get bored! If you are bored, you should leave, and if you cannot leave, drink water ;) 


5-Eat before hand

Eating something nourishing and full of fiber before going to a party where you are worried there will not be a lot of healthy options, will help you not snack on whatever there is just because you are hungry. Fiber helps in slowing the absorption of sugar and regulate blood sugar levels, as well as aid in satiety (feeling full), so if you are planning on having birthday cake, ice cream, chocolate-whatever sweets  the party host might offer-eating fiber high foods will help you digest all that much better. 


These are just a few things I do that tend to work. Hopefully you will fond a few things in here that can help you too!! Parties are great and they are even better if we can leave them without feeling we took a hit to our health and our digestive system. 

Do you have any tricks to help you not go overboard at parties?



Living the Good Life, healthy and fit

As a stay at home mom and mother of three, I need to get creative with my workouts if I want to stay in shape, feeling strong and energized. I don’t have time for the gym. Heck, I don’t even have a gym membership! But I feel amazing! And every little thing helps. Sometimes (rarely) I can spend a whole hour in my garage doing a great workout, sometimes all I have is 10 minutes in my living room. Often I get to go to the playground with my kids and i use that as my gym. In any case, I truly believe that being fit and healthy comes with the kind of lifestyle that can last a lifetime. Would you rather spend hours at the gym for the rest of your life, or would you prefer to enjoy life outdoors, with your kids, grandkids? Not that you can’t do both, but the more time spent inside a weight room, the less time spent living.

I’m probably sounding anti weight room right now which is not the case. I’ve been a fitness trainer for over 12 years, spent a good 6 of those years working inside a gym. And I loved it. I loved the energy, I loved getting inspired and motivated by others. I loved the exercise classes. I loved all the weights! Truly! I could lift heavy for a woman and I felt proud. Gyms have a purpose and are great for specific goals. When it comes to living a wholesome well rounded life, I believe in finding ways to stay active and fit while living my everyday life. Now that I have 3 kids, my everyday life involves them, and they are not allowed in the weight room. 

It took me some time to get on board with that. I just couldn’t seem to get as fit and be as healthy as I wanted to because I always thought I needed more. More time, more classes, more weights, more energy! More more more…… I was coming from a place of lack. When really I had everything I needed to live the life I wanted. I just wasn’t aware nor was I utilizing what I had to my advantage. 

I changed that. My outlook was the first thing to change and then everything fell into place. I have become increasingly aware of the choices that I have on a daily basis. We are all, always faced with choices. It is our decisions that will create the quality of our lives. And I have decided to live a Good Life, actually, it’s a great life :) Some days it’s really hard to stay on top of my decision making and I slip. But I don’t let it put me down. A bad day just is. It doesn’t have to dictate how I live my life. The beauty about being alive is that there is always tomorrow to get back up if today is too hard. I choose to get back up because life is more enjoyable to me that way. I choose health and fitness because I find it easier to be a mom when I feel great about myself. I choose responsibility because really, no one else can live my life for me. 

With all theses choices, I have decided to make the most of my time while being a stay at home mom. And that includes being as fit and healthy as I can be. I will be sharing with you short videos of things I do to keep active while being with the kids, either out and about, at playgrounds, or at home. I hope I can inspire some of you and show you that you do not need a gym membership to be fit, you do not need 2 hours out of your day to feel strong, you do not need to go on 5 mile runs to slim down. You definitely do not need to push yourself until you vomit and beat yourself up because you did not lift until your muscles gave out. I use my kids in my workouts, not only are they heavy enough, but they are way cuter than a dumbbell!! 

I hope you find my fitness shares useful and I am happy to hear your feedback! Here is to living a Good Life :)